Main tournament:
RSTL #13
Matches. Division:2
08-01-2018 19:00 (CEST)
03-01-2018 19:00 (CEST)
StarCraft II
Team Unlimited
10 / 10


1 Alizard alizard7 Alizard#8362
2 gSom k_beregam gSom#0951
3 ReKlaSeRt kapitanflint66 ReKlaSeRt#2150
4 Azunyashka azunyashka azunyashka#5203


Discord RSTL -

1. General:

  • By participating in the league you automatically accept all its rules. If you don’t know the rules you’re still bound by them. Administration reserves the right to make any changes to the league’s rules.

 2. League format: League is divided in two stages.

  • 2.1) Group Stage. Format - Round-robin: all the teams play against each other.
  • Match format: 4 matches 1х1 (BO1) and ACE-match (BO3) in case of draw.
    Teams with top-6 scores go to the next stage (if two or more teams have the same number of points, the one with less lost sets wins. If loses number are the same too, then winner is determined by personal meetings).
    Teams with top-2 scores in each division get a free slot in a first round of chart.
  • 2.2) Playoff. Format: Single Elimination.
    Match format - Allkill BO7:
    the winner of the game plays the next one.
    Finals and match for the third place—BO9.
    Teams are being placed in chart depending to their positions. When there is only 1 division: Ro8 brackets (1-4-6 and 2-3-5),
    Top 4 team plays Top 6 (winner plays Top 1),
    Top 3 plays Top 5 (winner plays Top 2).
    When there are 2 divisions: Ro16 brackets (1A-4B-6A, 2B-3A-5B and 1B-4A-6B, 2A-3B-5A) played in the same manner as with 1 division.
  • 2.3)There is 3 types of divisions:
    1 Division "Pro":
    no restrictions.
    2 Division ”Semi-pro”: GML-players in this division are FORBIDDEN!
    • 2.3.1 GML-Player: a player who has ever got into a GML. (Check rule 11).
    • 2.3.2 Managers are required to check their players before putting them on the line-up
  • 3 Division “Non-pro”: restricted to the players with league below Master-2 (current season or any season of 2017-2018) and minumum of 25 games on their account. The penalty for players who violated this rule is a tech loss in the match.
  • 2.4) Players" league is determined by the main race, regardless of the race set in the line-up.

3. Mappool:

  • 3.1 Mappool consists of ladder maps.
  • 3.2 First map of the match is set up automatically (all sets during the group stage, first set during the playoffs).
  • 3.3 In the playoffs losing team choses the next map.
  • 3.4 A map may only be used once during the match.

4. Teams, players, legionnaires.

  • 4.1 You can create team profile at: Please note that following fields in team profile are required and must be filled: Team name, Tag, Site, Country, Logo.
  • 4.2 Team Leader must organize players registrations on site and assign their roles:
    Head Manager and Manager—can submit lineups, add and remove players from the team.
    Player—person with this role can only be a member of one team.(Not allowed to play in 2 or more teams at same time. Penalty: ban until the end of the season with player’s results nullified).
    Streamer —person with this role can be a member of multiple teams.
  • 4.3 Players must correctly fill all information in their profiles (nickname, race, account).
  • 4.4 Players are not allowed to have more than one account on the site. If you lost your login/password or account email just call the administration, or create thread on the forum.
  • 4.5 Player can use any team’s tag on the website.
  • 4.6 Players caught using cheats or banned for any other reason are not allowed to participate. Black list, pp.
  • 4.7 It’s prohibited to use clantags or player names that contain offensive language or racism. Player names must not contain any symbols or letters that make it difficult to identify the player (barcodes “llllllllll” are strictly prohibited).
  • 4.8 Teams are allowed to invite a “legionnaire” — player from another team that is not participating in RSTL, only one legionnaire per team is allowed. Legionnaire may only play for one team during the season. To avoid any sort of confusion, teams must to inform administration about inviting legionnaire to play for them. It could be done by either sending a message to admins or by setting legionnaire player’s status to “Support — legionnaire” on the website. Legionnaire must be invited before sixth round of group stage.

5. Transfers, Peon ban.

  • 5.1 Peon ban: Player is not allowed to play the next match. Exception: first match of the season.
  • 5.2 If the player joins the team during the season, he receives Peon ban for 3 days (72 hours).
  • 5.3 Players are not allowed to transfer to the lower divisions during the season if they played at least one set in their current division.
  • 5.4 If your team consists of more than one composition, players are allowed to be transferred between them if those players haven’t played in any of the season matches.
  • 5.5 At playoffs stage transfers are not allowed, including adding a new member.
  • 5.6 Playoffs stage starts strictly after the last match of the team.
  • 5.7 Players who haven’t played during the first stage are not allowed to participate in playoffs.

6. Match postpones.

  • 6.1 Match may be postponed upon agreement of both teams. It could be done through the website (match page).
  • 6.2 Teams may decline match postpone request. However if the match date intersects with major tournament (or it’s qualifiers), holidays or any other extraordinary event, admins may force a match postpone, on condition that postpone announcement occurred at least a few days beforehand such event.

7. Submitting line-ups and results:

  • 7.1 Lineups consist of players and races they play. In the group stage players are lined up in accordance with the maps, ie, first player plays on the first map, second player plays the second one and so on. During the playoffs only the first pair of player/map is set automatically,
  • 7.2 Lineups can be submitted at any time at the CW’s page but before CW timer is over.
  • 7.3 Line-ups are revealed 10 minutes prior beginning of the match
  • 7.4 Team will receive tech lose In case of:
    1) Team haven’t submitted line-up; 2) Team submitted the line-up but no one is present at the match date/time; 3) Submitted line-up, was present at the match date/time but team’s players were unable to play for any other reason.
  • 7.5 Match results must be submitted no later than 6 hours after match starts. The team that lost the match must confirm the results and check “my team lost” checkbox. If teams do not confirm the results, site will automatically do that. If match results is absent both teams will get a -1 points in brackets.

8. Match, ACE-match, Joker:

  • 8.1 By default teams play 2 matches per week. Match schedule will be adjusted according to the players region:
    russia.gifRu vs russia.gifRu - 20:00 (Moscow), 18:00(CET), 17:00(UTC).
    russia.gifRu vs eu.gifEu - 21:00 (Moscow), 19:00(CET), 18:00(UTC).
    eu.gifEu vs eu.gifEu - 22:00 (Moscow), 20:00(CET), 19:00(UTC).
  • 8.2 The games are played on the EU server by default. However, it"s allowed to play on any server, if both players agreed to.
  • 8.3 It’s up to managers and players to resolve any disputes regarding peon-bans, maps, races, spectators and referees before match begins. Once match have started its results considered valid.
  • 8.4 During the first stage teams must play all of their match games, even if score is 3-0, since points are granted for each win.
  • 8.5 ACE-match — additional set that is played in BO3 format in case of a draw (2-2) during the matches of first stage.
  • 8.6 Winning a match gives +2 point. e.g. Team-A 3-2 Team-B (Team-A gets 5 points, Team-B gets 2 points).
  • 8.7 Joker — "Joker" allows player that have already lost to play for a second time replacing his teammate from line-ups. "Jokers" are only available during playoffs stage (one joker per match).
  • 8.8 You can use only one "Joker" per CW match.
  • 8.9 Only players that are submitted in the match line-up are allowed to play the match, ace-match or be set as jokers.

9. Disputes, penalties, appeals:

  • 9.1 PP - Penalty points. PPs are given to the team and in some cases additionally to the player.
    During playoffs stage it’s possible that team or/and player will receive a “warning” instead of Penalty Points, that might result in reduction of the prize money (1-5%).
  • 9.2 For every 3 PPs 1 point is withdrawn from team.
  • 9.3 If a player receives 5 PPs he is banned until the end of the season. Manager can also get 5PP, in this case, he is suspended from office manager to the end of the season, and if there is no second manager, his duties will be performed by selected player.
  • 9.4 Wrong race in line-ups. A player used a race different than one specified in lineup. Team receives 1 penalty point.
  • 9.5 Wrong line-up. Once line-ups are revealed they cannot be changed. If the player that is not on the line-up participates in the match, he will receive a tech lose. Be careful when submitting the line-up.
  • 9.6 Wrong results were submitted. The following is considered to be wrong results: no results at all, no mention of the joker, no mention of player that got a tech lose. 1 penalty point to the team that submitted wrong results.
  • 9.7 Disconnect. If disconnect occurred during the game, game starts from the replay. In case of the second disconnect, the opponent may request for a tech lose. In some cases admins may decline the request.
  • 9.8 AFK. If player is absent for 15 minutes he gets a tech lose. If the following player is absent for 10 minutes, the whole team gets a tech lose in the match.
  • 9.9 BM (Bad manners): it’s up to judge to decide whether or not an action was a BM. Examples of BM could be: offensive language or dragging the game that was clearly lost. 1-2 PP.
  • 9.10 Team is absent for 3 matches. Once team gets 3 tech loses, the team is disqualified and its results are nulled.
  • 9.11 Pause. Any player may set a pause, warning his opponent beforehand. Pause time must not exceed 5 minutes in total (including multiple pauses). If the pause time for a player exceeds 5 minutes and no valid reason for the pause have been mentioned, player may receive tech lose or penalty points. If the other player unpauses the game, he will get the same treatment.
  • 9.12 Game starts without official streamer or an admin. If official streamer or admin have decided to join the match as spectator, he must inform both teams in match comments section. In that case they must be invited in every game of the match. Teamwillreceive 1-2 penaltypointsincaseofviolation.
  • 9.13 If any sort of scenario is not described in the rules, it’s up to admins to resolve the final verdict. If two teams are merging peon-bans are decided by admins.
  • 9.15 The verdict will be submitted to the match page, as an announce or in a personal message to the team manager.
  • 9.16 Team may fill an appeal if they find admin’s verdict to be unfair. The appeal must be directed to the admin other from the one who issued the verdict. The appeal must contain full description of an event and evidence. Appeals are resolved within three days (it may take longer if there are replays that must be reviewed).9.14 All violations (BM etc.) or suspicions of unfair play are examined after the match and should have all proofs attached (screenshots, replays etc.).

10. Streams, referees and viewers:

  • 10.1 Official streamers list - here
  • 10.2 Stream delay must be more or equal of 2 minutes of real time.
  • 10.3 If official streamer’s actions lead to unfair play (no stream delay or stream without commentary), you should report that to the judges. After several violations he will be removed from the official streamers list.
  • 10.4 To avoid any in-game chat messages from the spectators/streamers during the set, it’s prohibited to give them “referee” role. Team will receive 1-2pp in case of violation of this rule.
  • 10.5 Unofficial streamers and viewers are can be allowed into games, but team may disallow an unofficial streamer or viewer to spectate without explanation (allow viewers at you own risk, judges will not accept any complaints regarding any suspicion caused by unofficial streamer).
  • 10.6 If an official streamer who has announced his stream on a major site drops from the game, and there are no opportunities for him to make a re-stream, the game is being restarted from the replay; else the game continues without said streamer.
  • 10.7 If a judge drops from the game, the game doesn’t have to be replayed.
  • 10.8 In case of cooperative stream from two official streamers in Streamer-Streamer format, both must have their streams up (if stream is in Streamer-Co-caster format the co-caster should be dropped regardless if he is an official streamer).
    Important: Judges are not always online, so if there will be any kind of situation in the form of "we don’t allow, co-casters but the person doesn’t leave the game", you should:
    a) re-create the map, invite players and streamers by yourself.
    b) if the opponents have started the game, ask your player to leave the game and follow the step “a”.
    c) if the opponents do not want to start the game without a co-caster that you disallow, you need a make screenshots (text where you disallow named co-caster, screenshot that proves the he doesn’t want to leave, etc.) if there is evidence the offender team will receive tech lose in this set.

11. Additionalrules 13 seasons:

11.1 Empty accounts and Smurfs are not allowed. Any attempt to deceive the rules and MMR will be penalized.

11.2 A player"s account must have at least 200 games.

11.2 A player"s account must have at least 25 games in the current season (2 or 3 division).
Exception: In the first 10 days refer to last season league/MMR/games.

11.3 2-Division: player must never have reached or exceeded 5600 MMR on EU since the beginning of 2017 (

11.4 The judge can remove the stasus "Player" from the offender by adding a comment.
The manager can return the status after elimination of the violation.

12. Additionalrules 13 seasons:

12.1 3 Division “Non-pro”: restricted to the players with MMR more than 4900 (current season or any season of 2017-2018) and minumum of 25 games on their account. The penalty for players who violated this rule is a tech loss in the match.



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