StarCraft 2 - RSTL #13 Announcement

StarCraft 2 - RSTL #13 Announcement

RSTL#13 Prize pool: TBA

  • 1 Division "Pro": The strongest teams with the strongest players.
    Registration: 20$
    Prize pool: Registration fees + sponsor donations.
  • 2 Division "Semi-pro": GML-players in this division are FORBIDDEN! GML-Player: a player who has ever got into a GML. (Checking in the game "Profile-Ladder-Career Summary: 1v1 LotV").
    Registration: 15$
    Prize pool: Registration fees.
  • 3 Division "Non-Pro": restricted to the players with league below Master-2 (current season or any season of 2017) and minumum of 25 games on their account. The penalty for players who violated this rule is a tech loss in the match.
    Registration: 5$
    Prize pool: Registration fees.

Registration fee can be paid via:

List o fparticipants — Here.


If you want to increase the prize pool of the league, you can contact Alizard (Skype: alizard7). Any donation is accepted and appreciated, ranging from the "I want to award the best player in the league" to "I want to increase tournament 1x1 prize" or even simple addition to the prize pool of any division. 


  • End of registration and Registration fee: Last day 30 December.
  • First matches: ~4 or 5 Jan.

RSTL#13 Sponsors:

"How do I participate in the league?" brief instructions:

  • Sign up at
  • Add your team’s profile at and fill in required information.
  • Ask your players to sign up as well, then ask them to send team join request. You can manage requests at team’s page.
  • Apply for participation at
  • Pay the registration fee (check payment details above).
  • If you have any further questions or suggestions, please contact the league head admin Alizard (skype alizard7) or Discord.
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17-12-2017 17:22
as master 2 protoss, can I play in 3rd division as diamond 3 zerg? (more than 200 games as zerg)
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