StarCraft 2 - RSTL #12 For streamers

StarCraft 2 - RSTL #12 For streamers

 Materials for streamers:


gif - TBA!!!



mp4, 1080p, 18Mb -

mov, 1080p, 44,1Mb -

mov, 960p, 17Mb -


To become an official streamer:

  • Write (1-Nickname, 2-Team 3-Country and language 4-Stream link on in Skype: alizard7.
  • Stream delay must be more or equal of 2 minutes of real time.
  • Use the logo and trailer.
  • Add a stream in the match.

On your profile page you can create a stream-account. You can make the announcement. You can add a stream on match page!


RSTL#12 Rules:

  • 10.2 Stream delay must be more or equal of 2 minutes of real time.
  • 10.3 Teams must allow official streamers and judges into the game.
  • 10.4 If official streamer’s actions lead to unfair play (no stream delay or stream without commentary), you should report that to the judges. After several violations he will be removed from the official streamers list.
  • 10.5 Unofficial streamers and viewers are can be allowed into games, but team may disallow an unofficial streamer or viewer to spectate without explanation (allow viewers at you own risk, judges will not accept any complaints regarding any suspicion caused by unofficial streamer).
  • 10.6 If an official streamer who has announced his stream on a major site drops from the game, and there are no opportunities for him to make a re-stream, the game is being restarted from the replay; else the game continues without said streamer.
  • 10.7 If a judge drops from the game, the game doesn’t have to be replayed.
  • 10.8 In case of cooperative stream from two official streamers in Streamer-Streamer format, both must have their streams up (if stream is in Streamer-Co-caster format the co-caster should be dropped regardless if he is an official streamer).

Streamers: TBA



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