StarCraft 2 - RSTL #10 Announcement

StarCraft 2 - RSTL #10 Announcement

Greetings to all StarCraft 2 and team league enthusiasts! After a long break we are happy to announce new season of RSTL — the team league for everyone, from pro-teams to teams that are here just forfun. Since it’s ourfirst season of Legacy of the Void, we’ve decided to update league format and rules, bringing some changes that we think you’ll like. So if you want to feel the spirit of teamwork, show what you"re made of, or maybe just have some fun, come join us at new season of RSTL!


RSTL#10 Prize pool:TBA (Registration fee+Sponsors) 

  • 1 Division "Pro": Teams with GM players
    Registration: 25$
  • 2 Division "Semi-pro": Teams with top Master players.
    Registration: 15$
  • 3 Division "Non-Pro": Teams with low Master and lower leagues players.
    Registration: 10$


Registration fee can be paid by:

  • PayPal:
  • QIWI: +79514631468
  • Yandex-money: 410012562800880


List of participants you can see - Here(Green-marked team passed the registration fee)


If you want to increase the prize pool of the league, you can contact Alizard (Skype: alizard7). Any donation is accepted and appreciated, ranging from the "I want to make an award for the best player in the league" to "I want to increase tournament 1x1 prize" or simple addition to the prize poolof any division.  



  • End of registration and Registration fee: Before 5 May.
  • First matches: since 10 May.


Brief instruction on "How do I participate in the league?":

  1. Sign up at
  2. Add your team’s profile at fill required information.
  3. Ask your players to sign up as well, then ask them to send team join request. You can manage requests at team’s page.
  4. Apply for participation at
  5. Pay the registration fee (check payment details above).
  6. If you have further questions or any suggestions, please contact league head admin Alizard (skype alizard7).



1) All banned players were amnestied (black list is cleared). Blizzard’s anti-cheat system has been updated and some of the bans were expired too, so we decided to grant an amnesty to all players.

2) We have updated the website. Unfortunately, players and teams will have to sign up again. On the other hand, managers now can create teams by themselves.

3) Admin Warrion has left the team for Overwatch, he is now replaced by gSom (skype k_beregam).

4) New league format.

Pros of the new format:

+All of the players from line-up participate in the match.

+It takes less time to finish the match, with the exception being when all of the games are streamed.

+Each win grants +2 points. Every game is important now.

+Every player is now in equal condition.

+Lower divisions are now more balanced: you can’t simply win as a team by having one strong player at your side.

+All kill system will still be there in the playoffs! The principle is quite simple: the team must prove itself as a whole at stage 1, and after that it’s time for stage 2 (playoffs) with all that player management and tactical planning stuff.

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