Старт: 28-08-2017 22:00 (MSK) Состояние: Завершен Турнир: RSTL #12 - 3 Divison

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Без ограничений
: LawBvstMBt LawBvstMBt
Карты: Игра 1 / Матч 1
Игра 2 / Матч 1
Mech Depot
Игра 3 / Матч 1
Ascension to Aiur
Игра 4 / Матч 1
Abyssal Reef
Игра 5 / Матч 1
Игра 5 / Матч 2
Игра 5 / Матч 3
История встреч:
Прогнозы: нет
Всего комментариев: 3
Hi! Sorry for making it a mess with another match postpone request, but there was a misunderstanding within some of our players and therefore the first match postpone request was made by a mistake. It would better suit us if we could play on the original date set by the system, i.e. on Monday 28-08-2017 at 21:00 CEST. That"s why we are making another match postpone request. Sorry for any inconvenience and thanks for understanding.
It doesn"t look like it has gone through the system, but I requesting it to that date, and if you can please accept, in time .)
Hi Fluffy, I already wrote you on Skype - we"re sorry, but we won"t be able to play with our gold player on Monday. His boss changed his work schedule for the upcoming week, so he"s not available. There will be a diamond player instead.
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