RSTL is in it`s final stage. We`ve introduced plenty of improvements and changes during this season. However it`s possible that we`ve missed something.

That`s where you come in! If you have any thoughts regarding the new website, please leave a comment. Positve or negative, we value both alike.

Your feedback will allow us to improve both functionality and user experience even further.

RSTL #10 - Maps updated, rules updated

1. Rstl mappool updated.

2. Rules updated.

RSTL #10 - Black list, penalty points

Black list, penalty points.

StarCraft 2 - RSTL #10 For streamers

Materials for streamers

StarCraft 2 - RSTL #10 Announcement

New season! New format! New emotions!

New Team! New victories! New achievements!

We are waiting for you and your team!